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Learning To Sell
Sales training is a selling performance development activity. It must be hands-on and customized. It must fit to the salesperson's selling context, and their organization's working environment. Sales training is about proactive actions to effect change, to innovate and develop. The focus is in creating the correct selling and desired impact, and effect. Good sales training will teach the salesperson how to connect, create and grow to sell to win in competitive and volatile business environments.

The ability to sell - in business organizations and as an individual - is a very important work skill in the workplace.
For the business organization
Sales training should be a continuous performance development activity. The focus is to help the salesperson and his/her sales team sell better.

The COVID19 pandemic had made it very difficult for the salesperson to sell. Sales training can help the salesperson adjust and adapt quickly to fit to chaotic selling situations, where conditions are depressed, unstable and unpredictable.

Change is the new norm. Innovate is essential. Develop is a must do.

Is your sales training designed to catalyze change? Foster innovation? Promote development?

For the individual person
Sales training can help you connect with others. Sales training is not restricted to the business organization. Whenever you communicate or collaborate with someone or a group of people, you will need to sell. You need to sell your ideas, opinions and proposals. You need to discuss, exchange and debate the differences. You have to convince others to accept your views and what you had offered.

For example, when you are looking for a new job or attending a job interview, you are selling. You need to convince the interviewer(s) you are the right candidate for their organization!
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