EATD Guidance Module

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EATD Guidance Module

Product Feature

EATD Guidance Module is a CE certified non-active Class I / Class A surgical device to assist surgeons in precision fluoroscopic and CT image-guided percutaneous access to stone, lesion and abscess in deep organs such as kidney, spine etc. This device comes with the following features:

  • Systematic adjustments with multiple degree of freedom with far more accurate and aiming procedures to simplify 3D precision needle alignment 

  • Support both bi-plane and bull-eye techniques, providing surgeons with flexibility based on needs and preference

  • Needle being held by a compliant mechanism, allowing reliable remote adjustment by the surgeon from outside the X-ray burn-field

  • Intuitive and simple to use while retaining the touch & feel of the insertion for the surgeon, ensuring full confidence on the puncture while surgeons make all the calls

  • SOP that dramatically shortens surgery time resulting in reduced patient exposure to X-ray radiation and potential lower surgery cost

  • Shortens learning curve to allow surgeons to almost immediately acquire and be familiar with this difficult-to-master skill 

  • Non-robotic and passive, enabling easy and fast set up, reliable and safe to use, plus low per-surgery cost allowing its use in a broad spectrum of simple to complex and low to high value procedures