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About Invivo Medical


Invivo Medical Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-groomed medical technology and device start-up specialising in the research, development and distribution of novel precision percutaneous access surgical devices.

We aim to be a world-class R&D and manufacturing platform to commercialise medical inventions, patents and licenses. 

We are now launching the first such device for kidney stones, having successfully completed clinical trails in Singapore
Various versions are now being developed for other application procedures such as orthopedics, lesion biopsies, etc.

Moving ahead, Invivo Medical is also exploring augmenting our various devices with robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence)




This new and innovative medical device technology was previously known as the Percutaneous Access to Kidney Assistive Device (PAKAD) link to previous CNA article, now branded as the EATD, researched and developed by ITE, NUH and NUS consortium since 2012; and first showcased in the 2013 IPI TechInnovation event.

Invivo Medical Pte. Ltd. was formed on 7 Apr 2017 as a start-up for the sole purpose of licensing and commercialising the PAKAD. The licensing agreement was officially sealed by all four parties on 28 Aug 2017.



Mission & Vision


To spearhead and provide innovative and quality medical solutions, technologies and devices to mankind.

To be a leading total solutions provider for patients and to provide QUALITY medical care and best ‘QUALITY OF LIFE’ to all patients with the aim to further save lives, help the needy, spearhead medical methods and technology, and contribute to the society and mankind.

To lead and uphold the highest standards, safety and make medical care more affordable


To be an industry leader in the transitional research, design, development and distribution of innovative, effective, efficient and safe medical devices. 

To be an industry leader in sustainable medical care in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

To create value for our investors and stakeholders, and deliver more patients’ benefits adhering to best healthcare practices.