C-Arm Simulator/Trainer Life Sized

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C-Arm Simulator/Trainer Life Sized

Product Feature

This specially designed C-Arm Simulator/Trainer simulates the function of a C-arm fluoroscope in operation theatre to train and evaluate surgeons on their skills on image-guided percutaneous access procedures and also for their study and set up of surgical plans with a 3D setup. One of the key features of his system is the use of computer imaging, removing the use of X-ray or any radioactive source in the simulation, and hence allowing surgeons to train frequently with zero exposure to actual radiation. 

Currently, urological surgeons would be required to undergo a pre-determined number of such surgeries under the supervision of a senior surgeon, in order to be certified.
The Simulator/Trainer now enables new surgeons to practice and hone their skills outside an operating theatre environment.
This delivers benefits to the surgeon such as eliminating unnecessary radiation exposure and potential drastic shortening of the certification process.